LEO Fundamentals

All LEO People worldwide share the same vision, mission, values and mindset; The LEO Fundamentals.

The LEO Vision

LEO Pharma is the world’s number one speciality pharma company, providing competitive drugs within dermatology and critical care to patients and society.

The LEO Mission
To realise The LEO Vision, LEO People will continuously provide improved treatment options to the benefit of patients and society at large.

LEO Values
LEO People work with a strong passion for innovation, competitiveness, integrity and adaptability. The LEO Values are the foundation of the long-term growth and development of LEO Pharma. They reflect the way LEO People proudly strive to;

  • increase the quality of life for patients
  • co-operate, respect, trust and support each other
  • act in a trustworthy, dedicated and professional manner
  • take charge and achieve great results

LEO Mindset
LEO People share a common Mindset;

  • Customer focused - we bring value to our customers 
  • Performance driven - we are passionate about exceeding agreed objectives
  • Flexible and scalable - we are able to adapt quickly and effectively to changes and opportunities
  • Cost effective - we deploy our assets in an optimal way

Read more in the leaflet 'LEO Fundamentals'. 

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