LEO leadership values

Lead by attitudes
At LEO Pharma, we believe in leading by example. This means that LEO leaders really live our values, showing passion and loyalty for LEO, the people that work here and the things we accomplish together.

Communicate clear objectives
Effective communication is at the heart of good management. We make sure that everyone at LEO Pharma understands how their own tasks fit into the bigger picture – particularly in relation to our corporate strategy. Every step each one of us takes, no matter how small, can help us achieve our long-term goals, and help improve the lives of patients around the world.

Motivate and inspire
LEO leaders are passionate about treating each employee as an individual, encouraging them to see their role as essential to the company as a whole. We look to inspire each other, telling stories we can all empathise with, sharing success that we can celebrate together, and giving feedback that is always constructive.

Encourage initiative
At LEO Pharma, we empower our people to take initiatives. Whether the outcome is positive or not, we view risk-taking as an opportunity to learn something new; we have to dare to try out new ideas if we are to stay ahead.
We actively encourage each other to find new and better ways to carry out our tasks, making small, incremental changes in order to accumulate substantial, positive changes in the way we work.
This requires finding a balance between leading the way, standing back to give someone room to try something new and helping someone to stay on track.

We acknowledge that all the best initiatives begin with the discussion of an idea, but at some point the discussions must lead to action. And once we take action, we go for gold! Our managers are adept at setting their teams measurable targets, and giving constructive feedback on every initiative and project.

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