LEO Pharma has a fully integrated drug discovery platform consisting of both internal and external discovery functions, with a strong interplay between various scientific disciplines including medicinal and physical chemistry, molecular and cell biology, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics. 

From idea to drug candidate
Identification of new product opportunities requires an in-depth understanding of the molecular pathology of the disease we try to treat. We follow the frontline in new treatments, competitor pipelines and moves, as well as the scientific community around our key focus indication.
In an iterative process including experimental biological profiling, we work to understand how our compounds work on the molecular level; how they interact with the biological target and how this intervention will translate into the disease in patients. This profiling includes a variety of biochemical and cell based assays. 
In vivo pharmacologists test the molecules in target-relevant and mechanistic in vivo models. Molecules are differentiated and profiled in order to obtain the pharmacodynamic effect and the pharmacokinetic profile that is needed.
When the most interesting drug molecules have been selected, we focus on obtaining a thorough understanding of the biological effect of compounds. This includes profiling in more advanced models to identify the most promising compounds without any predictable adverse effects, to gain a thorough understanding of mechanism of action and to establish the optimal therapeutic regimen.