Pharmaceutical formulation

Pharmaceutical formulation at LEO Pharma is run by a specialised section - New Products – which takes the potential new molecules from the discovery to preclinical development phases by designing the pharmaceutical drug, the right dosage forms and the manufacturing process, with the purpose of securing the absorption of the drug molecule into the human body.

All pharmaceutical products contain at least one active molecule, but always together with other ingredients. These are necessary in order to create the intended dosage form and give the pharmaceutical product the desired quality. The pharmaceutical formulation is a key component in the development of an effective drug. Consequently, efficacy studies constitute an important part of the final design of formulation and dosage form of the drug, as do pre-clinical investigations, clinical pharmacology and patient acceptance of the formulation. 

Targeted delivery and new formulations
Besides developing formulations for our potential new chemical entities, we also work with improving the presentation of existing LEO Pharma drugs. Our main focus is to make it easier for the patient to use the old drug, thereby increasing product compliance. Developing new ways of administering drugs to patients requires knowledge of sophisticated analytical chemistry.

At LEO Pharma, another area of key interest is targeted delivery (e.g. skin, skin layers, specific cell populations, stomach and gut) for our new as well as our old drugs, creating new ways of giving a drug to the patient to improve efficacy and limit potential side-effects for our patients.