LEO Pharma R&D specialists are positioned globally.
Our internal discovery organisation are located in Ballerup, Denmark, at the LEO Pharma headquarters, and is supported by an external discovery function running integrated drug discovery projects with partners globally. Our pharmaceutical formulation section, New Products, is also located in Ballerup, Denmark.  
Development headquarters are situated in Ballerup, Denmark, with clinical research and regulatory personnel spread globally. We further co-operate with external partners worldwide on selected development projects.
Our research and development projects are to an increasing extent based on the efforts of multi-disciplinary project teams integrating advanced knowledge in R&D disciplines with expertise in clinical practices and therapeutical needs. 
Collaborations with partners
Our commitment to research and development is further strengthened by extensive collaborations with more than 400 academic and institutional research centres and industry partners worldwide, making the world our lab. An ideal partner shares our values and becomes our 'colleague away from home'.

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