The kidney plays a vital role in activating vitamin D so the human body can absorb calcium out of food/fluid via the gut. Patients with reduced kidney function suffer from a lack of active vitamin D, which causes low levels of calcium in the blood.

With less calcium in the blood, glands in the neck, called the parathyroid glands, produce a hormone (parathyroidhormone, PTH) to raise calcium levels in the blood. Persistent low levels of calcium can cause a disease called secondary hyperparathyroidism. The body reacts by taking calcium from the bones, which causes renal osteodystrophy (ROD). ROD is a potentially painful condition that can result in bone fracture.

Patients with severely reduced, or no kidney function, need renal replacement therapy, such as haemodialysis.

Treating conditions in nephrology
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On the market since 1978, LEO Pharma’s vitamin D analogue is a widely used product, administered to a large percentage of patients with reduced kidney function. A huge body of knowledge in clinical practice documents the use of our vitamin D analogue. 

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