Many of us are at risk from blood clots that develop in the deep veins of our legs due to inherited risk factors, such as genetic disposition, or acquired conditions, such as major surgery. The appearance of blood clots is also called thrombosis, and a blood clot is called a thrombus or embolus.

Unfortunately, this condition can be difficult to detect. In fact, the UK Department of Health estimates that every year 25,000 people lose their lives in UK hospitals because of blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism). In the US, hospitals now face penalties for discharging patients who later experience a blood clot related incident.

Once detected, these blood clots are highly treatable. Since the 1940s, LEO Pharma has been manufacturing products to combat blood clots.

Treating thrombosis
Blood clots are commonly treated with heparins – anti-coagulants that occur naturally in human beings. Heparin-based products continue to be an essential part of critical care and are administered as a preventative measure to patients in high-risk groups, and in doses four times greater to treat patients who are diagnosed with blood clots.

At LEO Pharma, we have 70 years of experience in helping patients avoid or recover from blood clots.